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Chateau Julien Wine Estate

Chateau Julien Wine EstateHave you ever sat amongst nearly 2000 aging oak barrels of wine, with ambiance lighting, an exquisite four-course meal paired with the winemaker's choice vintage wines from the owners' cellar? Witnessed Monterey County crush with the winemaking crew, followed by a family-style dinner in the cellar? Heard the beauty of a cappella performed privately in a Chai over the holidays? Chateau Julien Wine Estate rests amongst the Santa Lucia Mountains in beautiful Carmel Valley, California and offers a magnificent setting for eight different events throughout the year–such as the Fall Winemaker Dinner, Harvest Wine Seminar and Holiday Spectacular. You may view a complete list of Chateau Julien Events on our web site!

Family owned and operated since 1982, Chateau Julien Wine Estate produces Estate grown wines from the soils of Monterey County. Through daily wine tasting, estate tours and a selection of unique events, the winery continually shares its passion for wine and hospitality. For more information on the Estate, please visit us at www.chateaujulien.com or contact us at info@chateaujulien.com

Chardonnay & Oak Aging

This dry white wine, made from the Chardonnay grape, is the most popular of its variety. Chardonnay ranges in style, with some oakier versions contributing to taste. The purpose of Chardonnay aged in oak is to add some of the oaks characters, along with helping the wine develop its texture. Winemakers may lightly toast the inner surface of barrels, allowing the smoky oak or toasty characters to be detected in the final product. Oak gives the taste a dimension of spiciness and adds a hint of vanilla or coconut to the grapes aroma. The oak and Chardonnay combination is a favorite that is sure to last!

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Sauvignon Blanc (pronounced SO-vin-yawn BLONK)

As with chardonnay, the purest expression of the sauvignon blanc grape is found in France, in the Loire Valley (Sancerre and Pouilly-Fume) and Bordeaux. However, it also make superb wines in New Zealand, California (where it is sometimes called fumé blanc), Australia, South Africa, and Chile. In Bordeaux, it is blended with the semillon grape to produce both fine dry wines (Graves) and the great sweet wines of Sauterne and Barsac.

Sauvignon Blanc

The most salient characteristic of sauvignon blanc is its distinctive, penetrating aroma, which can evoke scents of grapefruit, lime, green melon, gooseberry, passion fruit, freshly mown grass, and bell pepper. Grown in cooler climates and in fertile soils promoting excessive vine growth, herbaceous smells and flavors can dominate the character of the wine, while in warmer regions, the melon, citrus and passion fruit aromas and flavors emerge.

Most producers ferment and age their sauvignon blancs in stainless steel to accentuate the wine’s crisp, zesty, bracing qualities, while a few barrel-ferment the wine. Malolactic fermentation is rare, and barrel-aging usually is limited to a few months’ duration.

Sauvignon blanc is a very versatile food wine that can complement everything from shellfish and Caesar salad to fried chicken and aged Jarlsberg cheese.

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